Hello! I'm Luna Fox Winters.

My pronouns are she/her or they/them

I run a small creative agency called GoCreateFun! We work in a variety of creative industries, but our main focus is web design and development, however, we have also provided illustrations for a published book and music for game trailers.

Pixel art animation of a blob fox with a happy expression.

This is Foxtrot! She's absolutely not my fursona, not at all!

Seriously, I don't particularly identify as a furry, but I do consider myself a bit of a foxgirl, so for my posts here, Foxtrot can offer an aside or "third voice" interjecting into posts.

Alternatively, I may use the Blobfox emotes, by Volpeon, as they offer wider variety of expressions

Pixel art animation of a blob fox with a blobfox expression.

I'm always tinkering with something, be it a new software project, hardware hacking or breaking games in unique ways. This little place is for me to talk about these things, or my thoughts on other issues that won't typically fit on social media.

You can find a link to all my social media in the header links, where I tend to be a little less filtered and unprofessional (assuming my posts here meet any definition of professional in the first place)